A big thanks to those without whom, neither this site nor the photos would be present on these pages today


Fred Buyle
Our great Guru of freediving photography, source of divine and ancestral inspiration!

JF Julian
Official supplier of fayveudi, underwater housing, pastrami, love and real good wine.
Awesome pictures either on earth or under water.

Francine Kreiss
Bubble World champion since 2010
Black cat breeder and underwater globe-reporter the rest of the time.

Jerôme Espla
The video director of freedivers
Supplier of good ideas, and winner of awards as soon as there is a subaquatic film festival going on.

Apnée Passion
Freediving friends in Montreuil with a special thought to the freeriders club of Etretat

Aqua Hauts-de-Seine
Undoubtedly the best place to dive in Paris